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Nuit de la poésie

Submitted by admin on 21 December 2016

For its 2nd edition in Jordan, the French Institute organized Poetry Night in October in the heart of Amman. We had the honor of welcoming the poet and journalist Louisa Nadour, a Franco-Algerian woman of letters. During the evening, the poetess read a selection of her work, including poems from her next collection "La Vague" still unpublished (preface by the Arabist and historian André Miquel).

In order to accompany this reading in French and Arabic, the French artist Matthieu Cretté made a digital scenography. To honor the cultural richness of the country, Mazen Abdo, a Jordanian Oud player accompanied the narration of the poetess. This event was free and open to all with respect for the health rules in force