Terms of sale

Conditions of registrations

  1. The language-courses are open from 03 years old and in the limit of available seats.
  2. Registration is done after a placement test has been conducted in those cases:
  • For the new students who are not beginners
  • For the students of the French Institute who have stopped their studies during 06 months.
  1. No place can be reserved. Registration is final when the registration form is duly completed, signed, and the registration fees paid.
  2. Any request of changing group will have to be made after a week of courses during the intensive session, two weeks during the extensive session , in the first two days in intensive session ++. The decision will depend on the availability of seats at the time the change is requested. It is the responsibility of the student to check on the receipt, the accuracy of the information for his/her class ( level, dates and times, location)
  3. A class is open from 6 registrations, 5 in the case of an intensive session ++. If, by the end of the registration period, this number is not reached, the French Institute has the right to close the class. In this case, the French Institute will redirect students to another class or, if necessary, will reimburse the registration fees, or will postpone registration to the next session.
  4. More than 15 hours of absence (or 5 hours of French course for younger ones) and/or the absence of assessed work will unable the registrant to receive an end-of-course certificate. In case of absence, please warn your teacher in advance. The teacher is not obliged to repeat the lesson to absent students
  5. .Results will be given by the administration on demand

Conditions of payment

Registration fees are to be paid at once, by cash or check, on the day of registration ( except for the intensive sessions ++)

Conditions of report/refund £

The report or refund of the registrations fees for the session is possible in the cases below:

Due to a medical or familial reason (with a certificate as proof)

  • Due to a professional reason (with a certificate as proof)
  • Due to an unavailability of the classroom or insufficient effective
  • Due to a mistake in the placement test without the possibility of the Institute to offer a catch up lesson

Every request of report or refund has to be requested within:

03 weeks (extensive session)                        01 week (intensive session)            02 days (intensive session ++)

Rules of the Institute:

Loss /  Theft

  1. Please note that you’re responsible for your personal belongings. The administration of the French Institute assumes no responsibility in case of loss or theft.

Safety of children

  1. As far as French courses for less than 16 year-old ones concerned, the teacher will remain with the students during the break-time. Parents are responsible to pick up their child(ren) right at the end of the lesson.

Temporary exclusion from classes

  1. The use of mobile phones is prohibited inside the classrooms
  2. It is strictly forbidden to eat, drink in the classrooms or in the corridors of the French Institute. A cafeteria is available to the students. Smoke is also forbidden in the premises of the Institute: balconies are available for that.
  3. Words or behaviors of a discriminatory nature, violating people’s privacy or the proper running of the French Institute’s activities, are prohibited.
  4. When leaving the premises, students have to leave the equipments fully-functioning. Any damage to furniture commits the responsibility of each. The cost of the rehabilitation of deteriorated equipment will be invoiced to the one who damaged it.