Our commitment


The French Institute of Jordan, cultural bridge between France and Jordan, wishes to transmit a contemporary and modern image of France while adding a touch of dream and encouraging the desire to travel and discover. It opens doors for the actors of the Jordanian cultural scene. It also allows others to complete higher studies or find work in a francophone country through providing French classes. Moreover, it is a meeting place for individuals coming from different backgrounds, especially through the teaching of dialectal Arabic which attracts individuals of more than 30 nationalities each year.

Campus France Jordan informs students of higher education in France, guides them through their educational choices and accompanies them in building their applications for studying, scholarships or visa.

The media library of the Institute is the only public francophone library in the Kingdom. It targets both children and adults and offers material to be read on location or to be borrowed. The media library has a rich and varied content: classical literature, novels, theater, comics, poems…in addition to a collection of DVDs and CDs.