Must-see festivals in Jordan

Amman Contemporary Dance Festival

Organised annually by the National Centre for Culture and Arts (NCCA) of King Hussein Foundation, Amman Contemporary Dance Festival seeks to promote cultural exchange and enhance the theater and dance movements in Jordan.


Al Balad Music Festival

Organised by Al Balad Theathre and the Great Municipality of Amman, this is a biannual event held in the Roman Theater and the Odeon Theatre. The festival provides a platform to support Jordanian and Arab artists and musicians.

Al-Balad Theater » Al Balad Music Festival

Amman Jazz Festival

This event organised annually by Al-Balad Theatre aims to make Jordan a major Jazz destination in the Middle East by featuring leading world Jazz music figures in its editions  and through giving support to Jordan’s musicians and talents.

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Jerash Festival of Culture and Arts

Organised annualy in the Roman ruins of Jerash, this festival features folk dance performances performed by local and international bands, ballet dances, musical evenings, plays, operas, musical evenings as well as sales of traditional handicrafts.

Jerash Festival

Hakaya Festival Amman

This project brings together artists, oral historians, story-tellers, and educators in a network, residencies, workshops, and an itinerant festival which presents “story-telling” in its various forms and shows how it enriches the theatre, the arts, and is crucial to the development of literacy and the formation of identity and inter-cultural dialogue.



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