1.Improve your French

Frantastique: a fun way to learn French. The application proposes an evaluation of your level in French!

Pas à pas: an application for complete beginners that allows you to acquire the basics of oral communication in diverse everyday situations.

Babbel : this application allows to learn several language from the beginner’s level.


this application targets individuals who wish to reach A2 and B1 levels through working on their written and oral comprehension and spelling. A preparation to DELF is also proposed.

French for travelling: get familiar with some French that you can use while travelling.

Learn French with RFI: learn French through this application while having fun listening to two police series. RFI offers specialized content for beginners.

French 3.0: train for TEF Canada and get tested for the comprehension exams to obtain the best score possible and share it on your Facebook wall.

The application allows you to train on how to use French in different professional contexts (business, fashion, health, diplomacy, trade and hotels-tourism) and practice for your comprehension exams for the Diploma of Professional French.


2. My linguistic toolbox

Conjugation using OBS: verb conjugation in French. Do you need to check a verb before sending an email? This application is for you!

Larousse Dictionary

Lexicological resources of the CNRTL: for the advanced


3.Learn French while having fun (for adults)

La soupe à l’Alphabet : test your vocabulary and your spelling competencies through finding all words that can be composed with 6 letters.

Merci professeur ! : discover the origin of common words and expressions in French and play to check whether you memorized everything!

Timbré de l’orthographe : you are going to play with words and learn how to avoid traps that our beautiful French language has set for you: spelling, conjugation, grammar and vocabulary…Test yourself and become a champion thanks to the hundreds of quizzes and dictations that are proposed.


4.Get informed in French

TV5 Monde/7 jours sur la planète : Master the French of international news.

France 24 : Application for being continuously informed in Arabic, French and English.

iTélé :Connect to real time information anytime.

BFMTV : News all the time.


5. Cooking in French

Marmiton : More than 60.000 free cooking recipes on your iPad.

Cuisine :45.000 recipes to cook. Do you feel like becoming a cooking expert? Discover more than 45.000 original recipes with comments and classified by type, ingredient or level of difficulty.


6. A few applications for children

Les châteaux des mots : These are free applications in French and English provided by Poisson Rouge for the holidays. Wander freely in the châteaux des mots and improve your vocabulary.

LittleAlchemy : Elements connect, combine and lead us through a read quest. Will you be able to reach the 560 elements? You may need the help of your children! From 7 to 99 years.

L’orthographe pour les débutants : Do you know the latest method for teaching children how to read and write?

Les animaux de la ferme : Vocabulary + picture book of farm animals.

Vocabulaire en images : This application allows to develop and enrich your spoken and written vocabulary. Several themes are discussed (animals, clothes, food, school and body parts…).

Qui suis-je ? A game that aims at recognizing fruits, vegetables and animals who have been manually created with modeling clay. The target of the game is to develop reflection and visual analysis for children between 3 and 7 years old.


7.Getting informed (children and teenagers advanced level)

Le Petit Quotidien : The only newspaper for children aged 6-9 years old. From Monday to Saturday, Le Petit Quotidien covers daily news in 10 minutes.

Mon Quotidien : The only newspaper for children aged 10-14 years old. From Monday to Saturday, Mon Quotidien covers daily news in 10 minutes.


8.Tools for teaching

MindMapping : Applications with heuristic maps which allow you to execute activities aiming at identifying lexical fields or systemizing of grammatical points.

Fotobabble. Make your pictures talk : applications which allow you to add audio commentaries on a photo.

Cartoon Camera + Comic Life : Applications that allow cartoonization and the creation of comics.