La nuit des idées

For several years now, numerous events have given the public the opportunity, at nightfall, to meet researchers, artists and creators so as to discover their work and share their analyses in the effervescence of authentic ‘thinking parties’. Debates of a new kind, Nights of Philosophy, Nights of Philosophers, Nuit des idées (Night of Ideas), … have won the hearts of thousands of spectators around the world, all attracted by this open and generous forum for discussion.

After accompanying these initiatives from London to Tokyo and from Buenos Aires to Rabat, the Institut français proposes to take a further step forward:

  • To bring together all these Nuit des idées (Night of Ideas) on the same day, or rather the same night, all around the world
  • To involve major places of knowledge and culture in France and internationally in order to promote the free circulation of ideas together
  • To make this event a participative forum that invites all those who wish to propose their own Nuit des idées (Night of Ideas) this same night.


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